Resilience: The 5R’s

How to sweat the tough stuff. Build Resilience & Conquer Adversity with the 5R’s We’ve all been in situations – personal and professional – where we were caught off guard or knocked off our feet (catching our own mistake, negative feedback, projects going awry, relationships failing, etc.) The question is, “will you surmount or succumb?” When we are […]

Creating a Feedback Culture

Help teams talk through the tough stuff. This interactive program helps organizations build a culture where clear, relevant and timely feedback is valued. Audience: Front-Line through Senior Managers, Executives (Leader Workshop), Non-management Employees (Employee Workshop) Length: 4 hours (Leader Workshop), 2 hours (Employee Workshop)

Tough Conversations

Those sweaty palms might be symptoms of a looming tough conversation. Be prepared for tough conversations. No one likes delivering tough messages. No one likes conflict. However, communicating and resolving conflict are critical and often under-developed leadership skills. From performance reviews to performance discussions, introducing business change to termination meetings – what we say and […]

Leadership Accelerator

Meet emerging challenges head-on. Leadership Accelerator provides participants with the skills they need to meet emerging business challenges. This custom-designed series includes popular modules such as Real Team-Building, Engagement 101 and Be a Change Agent as the foundation of a leadership development solution for new teams coming together to tackle emerging business challenges. We work […]

Be a change agent!

Everyday Change Leadership Skills Leading people through change is a critical leadership skill, but one that is often underdeveloped in most organizations today. Through a series of interactive, thought provoking exercises, Be a Change Agent! helps leaders: Be a Change Agent! is customized to include examples from your organization that reflect the challenges of business […]

Real Team Building

It takes more than golf and a BBQ to build an effective team. Taking the team out for an afternoon is nice. But, it takes more than a fun event to build the solid foundation of a high-performing team. Real Team-Building helps leaders learn about themselves, about one another, and understand the dynamic of their […]

Engagement 101

Help people love what they do. Great employee experiences build engagement. Light on theory, and heavy on skill-building, Engagement 101 shows leaders what it means and what it takes to build an engaged team. Spoiler alert – it takes more than a pizza party! Audience: Front-Line through Senior Managers, Executives Length: 4 hours