Creating a Feedback Culture

Help teams talk through the tough stuff.

This interactive program helps organizations build a culture where clear, relevant and timely feedback is valued.

  • Participants learn why feedback is important to creating an open and honest working environment
  • Learners discover the impact of poorly-delivered feedback, and the benefit of messages delivered in a positive and constructive way
  • Participants practice skills through custom-designed role-play exercises that feature realistic scenarios they face in their everyday working life
  • Creating a Feedback Culture includes two complimentary workshops:
    • Leaders Workshop: helps leaders understand how to deliver and receive feedback, and create an atmosphere where team feedback is welcomed
    • Employee Workshop: engages teams to help them understand why feedback is important, how to receive feedback and how to offer feedback to one another, and their leaders

Audience: Front-Line through Senior Managers, Executives (Leader Workshop), Non-management Employees (Employee Workshop)

Length: 4 hours (Leader Workshop), 2 hours (Employee Workshop)

Build an amazing place to work.

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