Great leaders build fans.

We rely on managers a lot – but often only develop them a little. Do your managers have the skills to lead employees, delight customers and build experiences that bring in the bottom line?


There’s no death by PowerPoint here.

Leaders learn best by doing – thinking, trying, experiencing.

We provide leaders with tools, skills and knowledge through relevant, engaging, and interactive learning experiences.

Custom Design, Every Time

No two programs are alike. Each leadership development experience is customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Relevant Exercises

amplitude leadership development experiences include customized role play exercises that include scenarios from the learner’s everyday working experience.


Program competencies can be integrated with amplitude’s 360+Coaching assessment. It’s a great way to measure the impact of a leader’s development experience.

Resilience :The 5R’s

Bounce back fast.

Failures and unexpected changes can cause us to struggle with confidence and drive. Failing to respond constructively may cause us to miss opportunities that matter.

Resilience – The 5R’s by Karen Calder incorporates the latest in neuroscience, high performance psychology and coaching to introduce participants to tools and techniques that help people get back on their feet.

Engaging Development Experiences

Interactive and immersive development experiences help teams develop skills for emerging business needs.

Engagement 101

Light on theory, and heavy on skill-building, Engagement 101 shows leaders what it takes to build an engaged team.

Real Team-Building

Team building is more than golf and a barbecue. Participants learn about their style, team dynamic and challenge their notions of leadership, forging a new path forward.

Be a Change Agent

Thought-provoking, interactive exercises prepare leaders to introduce and lead their teams through the challenges of business change.

Leadership Accelerator - Series

This custom-designed series includes our most popular titles – focused on preparing new teams coming together to tackle emerging business challenges.

Tough Conversations

From performance reviews to performance discussions, Tough Conversations prepares leaders to meet challenging discussions head on in an effective and respectful way.

Creating a Feedback Culture

Help your team understand why clear and timely feedback is important, and how to do it well. Features leader and complimentary all-employee workshops.

Help Great Leaders Become Greater

Build an amazing place to work.

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