Real Team Building

It takes more than golf and a BBQ to build an effective team.

Taking the team out for an afternoon is nice. But, it takes more than a fun event to build the solid foundation of a high-performing team.

Real Team-Building helps leaders learn about themselves, about one another, and understand the dynamic of their team. Using interactive and thought provoking exercises, we help leaders come together and grow by challenging their preconceived notions of leadership: 

  • Using assessments and exercises we introduce them to the concepts of values-based leadership individually and as a team and help them define their team’s brand.
  • We help leaders identify their own personal leadership traits, recognize different traits in others and how to shift their style to better collaborate together.
  • Leaders understand how their own personal learning/leadership style impacts the dynamic of their leadership team, and the broader team as a whole.
  • Challenging concepts and exercises that promote open, honest conversations (of course, with Vegas rules attached…) encourage leaders to share openly in a meaningful way that remove obstacles to becoming a high performing team.

Real Team-Building is customized to your company – examples, interactive exercises and role-plays that reflect the challenges leaders face everyday.

Audience: All levels through Executive

Length: Full-Day

Build an amazing place to work.

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