The perfect fit:
HR support scaled to meet your needs.

Introducing Virtual HR Services by amplitude.

Human Resources support to help growing companies attract, manage and retain the talent they need, without having to invest in a full-time HR team.

Strategic Consulting

Consulting services designed to craft your HR strategy, develop programs, and provide leadership coaching. Start-ups and expanding businesses often require HR assistance, yet may not be prepared for a full-time HR executive. This is where Virtual CHRO can help.

Fractional CHRO

The right amount of strategic HR support your business needs to lay a foundation for success. It’s a cost- effective way growing companies can obtain the skills and experience they need now, while preparing to transition to full-time support in the future.

Interim CHRO

Our Interim HR Executive service provides your organization with the support it needs while you search for a full-time Human Resources Executive. An Interim CHRO functions as an integral part of your executive team, working to ensure that vital HR initiatives continue.

HR support without the cost of an HR team.

HR HelpDesk brings elements of big-company human resources support to start- up, small and growing companies. From contracts and policies to training and management advice/counselling, HR HelpDesk ensures your organization has the experienced human resources support that allows you to keep your focus where it needs to be – your business.

Much more than a hotline: we’re part of your team.

HR HelpDesk clients are matched with a dedicated Human Resources Partner who gets to know your business, its goals and challenges. Unlike self-serve HR outsourcing suppliers who provide DIY templates and general advice, HR HelpDesk supports your team with dedicated, value-added HR support.

Virtual CHRO+HR HelpDesk

Just the right combo.

The benefits of an HR team without the overhead

Together, Virtual CHRO+HR HelpDesk provides the benefits of a full HR team, at a price scaled to the needs of your organization.

Use it or lose it?

Use your monthly Virtual CHRO hours to build your HR strategy, foundational programs, large projects, or coaching. Unused time is banked for use during your contract period. Rollover hours can be used for large projects down the road, or their value can be credited toward other amplitude services.

HR HelpDesk: All the help you need.

Some things take longer than others to do. Not to worry, HR HelpDesk support is unlimited.

How Virtual HR Services can help.

Workforce & Organization Design

Organizational Structure
Workforce Planning
Talent Pipeline

Total Rewards

Compensation Plans
Executive Compensation
Rewards Packages
Retention Programs

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting & Selection
Employer Branding

Leadership Development & Planning

Leadership Skill Development Programs
Succession Planning
Leadership Advisory
Executive Coaching

Employee Engagement & Experience

Engagement Surveys & Strategy
Feedback & Insights
Culture & Values
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Change Management

Change Leadership Training & Development
Change Planning

HR Operations

HR Policy
Employee Relations
Onboarding/ Offboarding
Termination Support
Contracts & Documentation

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Simple, straightforward pricing.

HR HelpDesk

Everyday HR support pricing is based on the number of employees in your organization.

Virtual CHRO

Choose the number of consulting hours you estimate your company needs each month. Unused hours rollover for later use.

Customized Solutions Available

Every company’s needs are different. We’ll work with you to build a package that’s just the right fit for your company.

Virtual HR Services by amplitude.

Build an amazing place to work.

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