Resilience: The 5R’s

How to sweat the tough stuff.

Build Resilience & Conquer Adversity with the 5R’s

We’ve all been in situations – personal and professional – where we were caught off guard or knocked off our feet (catching our own mistake, negative feedback, projects going awry, relationships failing, etc.)

The question is, “will you surmount or succumb?”

When we are hit by failure or unexpected change (think COVID-19), it’s easy to lose our confidence and drive. When we can’t respond creatively or smartly, we potentially lose out on opportunities and the enjoyment of life. 

Coach and HR Executive, Karen Calder designed Resilience: The 5R’s using the latest research in neuroscience, high performance psychology and multidisciplinary coaching techniques to help anyone facing adversity. Geared toward leaders, entrepreneurs and game-changer (really anyone who is facing challenges in life), this session introduces you to the tools and techniques required for you to get back on your feet – spending less time feeling down and unproductive, and more time moving into action.

This educational and engaging session teaches participants how to tap into their own ability to be resilient by understanding how their mindset, beliefs and habits help or hinder their success. 

Participants will:

  1. Examine the critical characteristics and mindsets that all resilient people possess
  2. Recognize how mindset, beliefs and habits help or hinder success
  3. Build resilience using the 5R’s practical tools and techniques

Audience: Front-Line through Senior Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Employees

Length: 8 hours

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