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Train those Leadership Muscles and Tackle the New Normal

As we embark upon re-opening the economy, companies and employees nervously anticipate what the “new normal” of work will look like. From masks, gloves and plexiglass shields to Zoom meetings, Slack messages and working from the kitchen table – work looks very different than it did just 3 months ago.

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5 Simple Ways to Engage People

Anyone who leads people will tell you that engagement important. Ask them what that means and you’re often met with a blank stare. Barbecues, team-building events (née an afternoon playing golf or drinks after work) and the tired-and-true suggestion box are often rattled off as great ways to engage employees. As the French would say…bonne chance.

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Leading through angry days

These are angry times. It’s easy to get angry, and stay angry. Everyone’s fuse seems shorter, and quite often it feels as if things “just aren’t fun anymore.” Channeling your leadership influence into positivity creates an opportunity to make a real and constructive impact on people’s lives, everyday.

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